Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
The Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS) is an affiliated chapter of the International Radio Control Warship Combat Club (IRCWCC) and encompasses Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina (and Alabama and Virginia by adoption). We build 1:144 scale R/C models of WW I and WW II era warships with the main turrets armed with CO2 powered bb-cannons and attempt to sink (yes, SINK!) all the ships in the opposing fleet! (see information at right).

The Captains in S.A.S are a fun (and slightly goofy) group of guys who enjoy being together and our battles are always great fun.

The purpose of this site is to list links, host articles, and otherwise inform, entertain, and (hopefully) attract new interest in our Magnificient Obsession.
May 26 to May 29 2017
   Lagan in Lancing
   238 Island Ford Rd.
   Lancing, TN

Sept 02 to Sept 04 2017
   Labor Day Leadfest 2017
   future Fred Fletcher Park
   Statesboro, GA

If you're interested in our hobby, S.A.S. captains talk regularly via an email listserve to discuss upcoming events and help each other with any building issues (it's a great place for new captains to get help with their first ship). If you'd like to be added to that listserve contact the SAS Webmaster to be added to that list.

2016-10-30: SO MANY BATTLES!
What a fun battle weekend! Thanks to all those captains who drove up to Tennessee to help test out Charley's pond, and boy was it a grand time! We got to hang out and battle with captains we don't see as often, including Tom and Rick from Kansas as well as Rob and Justin from North Carolina.

The afternoons were fine but the mornings were a bit colder than we like (it was a little late in the season to battle in TN, but everyone was eager to try out Charley's new pond). Charley managed to keep his ship running just as lethal as ever while simultaneously being the perfect host (although I am pretty certain his wife should receive much of the applause - there is always a lot behind-the-scenes to hosting, I know). It was wonderful to be able to stay together to work on ships and/or continue the comradarie since the meals were all pondside - grilled braut's for lunch, and smoked, hand-pulled BBQ for dinner (incredibly tasty - I noticed how quiet it got once everyone got a plate, lol). It was a beautiful site and Charley made it all fun. If you missed this "test" battle be certain not to make the next once the 2017 SAS battle schedule gets posted. Thank you Charley (and family)!

2016-9-5: Hurricane Battle!
Well it turned out to be a fantastic weekend to battle, even if Hurricane Hermine did pass right over the day before! Thirteen S.A.S. captains braved the weather from as far south as Florida and from as far north as Canada in order to join our fun. There were new faces (to SAS) and also new (to the hobby) captains, and several new ships on the water. It was a great time. While holes were counted only for the first battle (we did track all sinks), the teams were divided up among Axis vs Allied lines (one HMS Invincible was considered "captured" and moved over to the Axis side to balance the teams)
Congratulations to the Axis Victory (7335 points) over the Allies (5275 points).
Full Battle Report

There were also awards presented to certain "deserving" captains, Many thanks to Amanda Koehler for making the ceramic awards.

Kitchen Sieve Award (for most holes) - Kevin Plumer (Rivadavia)
Bermuda Triangle Award (most sunk) - Kevin Plumer (Rivadavia)
Black Beard Award (fiercest) - Charley Stephens (SMS Seydlitz)
Bart Purvis Sportsmanship Award - Tim Krakowski

Eye Candy Award (prettiest ship) - Chase Hargraves (HMS Prince of Wales)
Mission Impossible Award - John Jones (USS Sumner)

2016-8-6: LOCAL FUN!
In preparation for the regional Labor Day Leadfest coming up, a group of local captains got together to test new ships in a fun day of battling.

Completely new to the hobby was Wes (who captains the HMS Barham). David Winnette also came out to give his USS Alabama more combat time in only it's second time on the water. He also brought his son, Ethan, awho was able to borrow Stefan's HMS Invincible and join us for the fun. We managed four straight sorties (no patching) and there was plenty of carnage (pumps were constant - good thing batteries can be swapped every sortie now!).

After that the group broke mid-afternoon (it got very hot) for a late lunch at Sub Way to talk about the day - wonderful fun.

I have always felt priveledged to have met the wacky, fun, and friendly guys in this hobby. I was saddened to hear that Peter Kunsich, a former member of our Southeast Attack Squadron, passed away this April after a long illness. I put together a little tribute to Peter out of photos from our albums (click on the photo below). I think they clearly show the good-natured spirit in our club.

Thanks for the memories, Peter. Cheers!

What a fun battle weekend! Even with the rain preventing battle Sunday morning (most of the captains still met at Brian Koehler's home for fried chicken until the rain stopped enough to jump over to the battle pond) it was a weekend of shredded balsa, new friends, and fun times. Many thanks to everyone who came and all those who helped (a special thanks to Christopher and Matt for helping with setup chores and also for taking pictures and making the slide show for the banquet). Click on the picture below to see the photo album from the event.

Kitchen Sieve Award (for most holes) - Don Cole (HMS Iron Duke)
Bermuda Triangle Award (most sunk) - Tom Tanner (SMS Ostfriesland)
Black Beard Award (fiercest) - Charley Stephens and Austin Stephens (HMS Vanguards)
Bart Purvis Sportsmanship Award - Brian Koehler

Eye Candy Award (prettiest ship) - Frank Falango (SMS Scharnhorst)
Clark Ward Award for Excellence in Superstructure Design - Matt Buaas (IJN Tako)
Weenie Ram Award - David Ranier (IJN Kumano)

2016-5-7: BATTLE SINKS!
A YouTube video from a boat battle from one of our sister clubs in IRCWCC was posted recently on the national club email list. It was meant to show a very cool (spinning on the way down) sink of Barry's Espana, but they must have had some intense combat going on as they got a number of other ships going down in the video. I thought everyone in SAS might like to see it as well. ENJOY!

Not a good way to start the year (sorry about that everyone). It's about time I posted some news on our site. We had our first small SAS battle of the season this past month (6 captains, 5 ships) and wow, was it fun (8 sorties/3 battles in one day!). I'll try to have photo's and information from that battle soon.

For now, I thought I'd bring attention to an interesting project some of our Atlanta captains have been workign on: putting together a more quick-and-easy entry-level ship made from vacuum-formed polystyrene. Their first model is based on the USS Fletcher destroyer. As I understand it they took their test-product to the annual Brouhaha in New Orleans this spring and had a blast (I expect we'll see it come to our "May MADNESS" battle over Memorial Day weekend. I believe a more formal website (with prices) will be forthcoming, but for now I thought I'd post links to some images and pictures of the project:
(build instructions to their kit)

So I hope all our SAS captains are doing well. It will be great having so many together for the May Battle again. I will see you all there.

Many thanks to Florida Captain Jeff Lipp, who sent me a whole box of photo CD's of old boat battles (2002-era) he found while cleaning around his home. Some I already had, but some I did not (these were from before I was webmaster, when I had just started in the hobby myself). So, as a Christmas gift to all the old veterans in our club (and anyone else who is just interested in seeing the crazy fun we had) I am uploading the photos and posting them on the website (I will link them below as I get them, but they will also show on the "PICTURES" link in the menu at left as well as at the bottom of their respective battles on the "EVENTS" list.

Labor Day Lash-Up 2006 (Winter Springs, FL)
Savannah Shoot Out 2004 (Scott Stell Park, GA)
Juggernauts of June 2004 (Winter Springs, FL)
Tempest at Trotwood April 2004 (Winter Springs, FL)
February Furball 2004 (Winter Springs, FL)
Battle Wilmington (Wilmington, NC)
Juggernauts of June 2003 (Winter Springs, FL)
April Assault (Winter Springs, FL)
March MADNESS 2003 (Winter Springs, FL)
Trotwood Turkey Shoot I (2002) (Winter Springs, FL)
Trick or Treat 2002 (Winter Springs, FL)
Labor Day Leadfest 2002 (Winter Springs, FL)

Comparing Jeff's CD's to photo's I had also made me realize that I had photos from battles that I never uploaded, so I'm getting to these as well.
May MADNESS 2014 (Statesboro, GA)
February Furball 2014 (Statesboro, GA)
May MADNESS 2013 (Statesboro, GA)
Southeast Regionals 2010 (Oakboro, NC)
Brouhaha 2009 (Boutte, LA)

I'll add more as I go through the discs and get time over the holiday. Enjoy!

2015-9-15: LABOR DAY BLAST!
The Labor Day Leadfest was a blast this year, seeing all the faces who could make it. Some windy weather and rain (while we ate dinner) made for some unfortunate disasters for some of the canopies that were up, but everyone took that in good spirit and moved onward with battling. The awards dinner banquet at the new venue, the Millhouse, seemed to be enjoyed by all (the food was incredible!). Photos are now available on the photo page or on the sign-up page for the event, but there is a direct link below:
Leadfest Photos

Below is also an interesting video of Frank's scale I-400 sub lining up and blasting his ship was definitely worth an early-posting (thanks Lee!):
I-400 Attack Run

We also had awards (courtesey of Mandy) for the event, so congratulations (in some cases) to the below:
Mission Impossible: Tom Palmer (USS Alaska)
Kitchen Sieve (most holes): Tom Palmer (USS Alaska, 54/23/20)
Bermuda Triangle (most sunk): Stefan Minton (HMS Invincible)
Eye Candy (prettiest): Lee McKinzie (RHN Kilkis)
Homer Simpson (sinking an ally): Lee McKinzie
Blackbeard (fiercest): Charlie Stephens (USS North Carolina)
Bart Purvis Spirit: Stefan Minton and Matt Buuas (for retrieving sunken canopy)

R/C Model Warship Combat is a game where 1/144th scale (1 inch = 12 scale feet) model warships from World War I and World War II are fitted with CO2-powered BB cannons and electric bilge pumps, and then battle each other in fleets of Axis vs. Allied ships. The hulls of the ships are sheeted in very thin 1/32" balsa that the bb cannons can penetrate, and once the balsa hull has enough holes in it to let more water in than the bilge pump can handle, it's down to Davy Jone's Locker it goes!
(the part we love to watch)

But not to worry! Captains are quickly able to wade out and retrieve their ships. Combat Photo These models are designed to survive combat, be patched, and return to their team for combat the very next battle (repairs usually take less than an hour). Points are awarded to each team for the damage (holes) they do to the other fleet's ships, with bonuses awarded for any opposing ships that were sunk.

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