Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
Welcome to the Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS) website! SAS is an affiliated chapter of the International Radio Control Warship Combat Club (IRCWCC). We build 1:144 scale R/C models of WW I and WW II era warships with thin balsa sides, install CO2 powered bb-cannons in the main turrets, and sail them out in fleets to battle, and...
(that's the fun part)

(Don't worry. We dump the water out, patch them up, and they go right back out next battle)

S.A.S has "captains" from Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. We are a fun (and slightly goofy) group of guys who enjoy getting together and our battles are always great fun.

2017-12-09: We Have a Newsletter Again!
New reading material just in time for the Winter re-fit season: Fleet Ops 144. Thanks to John Jones and Brian Koehler (co-editors) we have started up a new newsletter for the hobby. It will be have a slightly different feel being delivered through email, but expect a variety of articles on events, tips, new products, and more... written by members throughout the hobby. The initial list used captains already registered on the SAS listserve, but a form will be added to the website soon where additional people interested in the newsletter may sign up. In the mean time, the first issue is also available directly through the link below:

Fleet Ops 144 Fall 2017

2017-11-12: Maiden Voyage
The November "Build and Battle" was a day of fun and success! Wes Hawkins came over to pick up his battle-ready DKM Prinz Eugen. After attaching his radio receiver and programming settings for the Prinz Eugen's internals, we went over to the battle pond and to take it for a spin. She was a little light in the water (needs just a couple lead weights in the bow) but everything worked great. Three passes through the speed course got her right on speed, and the new cruiser card from Battlers Connection made tweaking the dual sterns easy (it allows for individual fire as well as dual fire). We then tossed the old reliable SMS Baden out on the water to play, but due to a CO2 leak in the main hose she only drove around giving the Prinz Eugen target practice.

Clearly Prin Eugen's cannons were working - above is a small section of a side Wes really got a good line-up on!

2017-10-14: We're not the only crazy ones!
Some of our southeast captains have made the trip up north to battle with our fellow Maryland hobbyists. They are great fun to play with (we're all pretty much out to share a good weekend on the water) and held their "Great Guns" Fall Regional in Hagerstown, MD. It was clearly a lot of fun for those who could make it. You can see for yourself in the video shared below from one of the captains who attended.

Clearly this is a battle we need to keep in their plans for next year. Well done guys, and thanks for sharing!

2017-9-5: What a great battle!
Three days of battle and happy faces on everyone. The rainy weather moved out the evening before and it was wonderful time to battle (little hot in the sun, but cool in the breeze under the oak trees). We had regular faces, new faces, even old returning faces (that's "Bama Dave" below for those of you who remember).
-- In his defence, most everyone sank multiple times, with SMS Bayern and HMS Queen Elizabeth surprisingly staying afloat the whole weekend.

(LOTS more picture HERE)

Black Beard Award (fiercest)
Brian Koehler, HMS Queen Elizabeth

Kitchen Sieve Award (most holes)
Christopher Koehler, SMS Bayern

Bermuda Triangle Award (most sunk)
Four-way Tie

Bart Purvis Sportsmanship Award
Clark Ward

Mighty Mouse Award (toughest small ship)
Mike Mangus, RFN Verite

Striking Fear Award
Chase Hargraves, HMS Prince of Wales (quad sterns.. 'nough said!)

Running with the Bulls Award
Steve Tyng, HMS Barham

From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee Award
Carl Bitondo (Scharnhost) and Chris Koehler (Bayern)

Eye Candy Award (Prettiest Ship)
Dave Evans, SMS Viribus Unitus

Clark Ward Award for Superstructure Design Excellence
Clark Ward, HMS "Flat Top" (Invincible)

2017-7-29: One Great Day of Fun!
Warming up for the big Labor Day Leadfest a small group of SAS Captains got together in Statesboro for a morning of great fun. HMS Queen Elizabeth faced off against SMS Bayern, and did well in the first sortie. After the first engagement two destroyers showed up to reinforce the battlewagons. WIth the small number of ships engaged this event, focus was on reloading and tossing them back out to face off again as soon as possible (no patching). We managed to get SIX sorties of combat in BEFORE LUNCH! The carnage continued throught the six sorties, with HSM Queen Elizabeth's sidemounts not responding reliably and the Bayern getting the upper-hand and sinking the Queen Elizabeth in the final sortie (see photo below).

You can also see video from the GoPro mounted on the SMS Bayern as his sidemount chews open the large hole in the side of the Queen Elizabeth shot-by-shot:
(scene chewing out the hole begins around 1:42 min)

A lot was learned about the ships from this battle, and repairs and improvements are underway. All ships are expected to be ready for the Labor Day Leafest coming up soon!

2017-7-18: NATS NEWS!
IRCWCC Nationals in Saranac, MI is over and final battle tallies after the week of battling has been completed. While the Allied captains rallied and won in all battles the second half of the week, it was not enough to cover their major losses in battles the first half of the week, with a final score of 106,000 (Axis) and 96,760 (Allies). Congratulation to the Axis Captains!
Monday AM21,42012,800
Monday PM 16,9208,330
Tuesday AM 13,7708,720
Tuesday PM7,96012,610
Wed Night5,9201,680
Thursday AM15,11020,730
Thursday PM12,66016,460
Friday AM12,24015,430

2017-7-8: Tin Can Armada!
Our growing group of dedicated destroyer captains from the Atlanta area, DESRON 23, have been active and growing. They got together again this past weekend for practice, and to cristen some of their newest destroyer captains by getting their new ships out on the water for combat. These "tin cans" (destroyers) may be small, but they are showing how much fun they can have out as a group. They are going to make our regular regional battles (with all classes of warships on the water) much more interesting, having to keep an eye out for the constant harrassment of the little destroyers charging in and out of the heavy engagements.

More pictures in the photo album below:
Of course you will see from the smiling faces (even those retrieving their sunken ships for repair) that we are all also in this hobby for the neat friends we make, and enjoy the time outside with our ships.

2017-5-29: Lancing Battle Fun!
Our wonderful captain and friend, Charley Stephens, hosted the second annual Lagan in Lancing (Tennessee) regional battle. Although sudden family needs kept some of the more distant captains from being able to attend, we still had captains from as far as Texas, Maryland, and Florida (and everywhere in-between). Four days of battling (my son and I could only make two of the days) and great times. A regional like this is splendid fun as you get to hang out with captains you don't see as often, battle against ships you don't face every event (every ship behaves/performs a little differently and hence changes how the engagement progresses), and enjoy some time not thinking one lick about work (lol). Charley grilled lunch pondside (delicious as always) and it was a wonderful event overall.

There is a Photo Album with pictures from the event below

2017-3-28: Destroyer-In-A-Can!
The first SAS battle of the season started off interesting from the very start. The growing destroyer fleet from Atlanta came down to battle, and I thought I would share the neat all-in-one package John Jones built to carry his ship and supplies. These destroyers are so small (compared to our battleships) that John was able to purchase a padded rifle case and cut out spaces in the foam to fit all his supplies (see below).

John just plopped it down on a table, pulled out his camp chair, and was ready to go!

Wow! It's warm and the battles have begun! The southeast captains started their 2017 season with a battle in Statesboro, GA. Captains from Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Marlyand came togethert to "break their ships in" for the season. Even a fleet of DD's (destroyers) came down from Atlanta to harass the larger battlewagons. The weather was beautiful even if the water was a bit cool (many thanks to Matt for being willing to dive in for ships when necessary), so much that dinner that evening was enjoyed on the restaurant patio. You can see in the pictures below.

It's been another great year SAS! We've had new members join the group, and old veterans return to the hobby. I believe 2017 will be a great year! Following tradition, I try to post something vintage (or at least Navy related) to the site for Christmas each year. This year I found online the picture below (Christopher helped me pick it out) reportedly from Christmas Day 1915 (Royal Navy at a station in Scotland).

I hope it makes us all remember those service men and women today, still far from their families on Christmas Day. Blessings on all of you who serve, or have served, in the armed forces and supporting agencies. Thank you.
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