Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
February Fracas at Trotwood
Feb 21 2004 to Feb 22 2004
Trotwood Park
(Winter Springs, FL)
Allied Fleet:
Brian KoehlerHMS Ajax (Leander class)HMS Ajax (2.5units 22sec)CL2.52204
Charley StephensNorth Carolina (not provided class)North Carolina (6.0units 24sec)BB6.02475
JordanNC (not provided class)NC (6.0units 24sec)BB6.02477
Don ColeAlabama (not provided class)Alabama (6.0units 26sec)BB6.02661
Joel GoodmanUSS Indiana (not provided class)USS Indiana (6.0units 26sec)BB6.026Any
Frank FalangoUSS Arizona (not provided class)USS Arizona (5.5units 26sec)DN5.52665
Kevin BrayUmass (not provided class)Umass (6.0units 26sec)BB6.02662
Steve Reichenbachmaryland (not provided class)maryland (5.5units 26sec)DN5.52682
Shane BishopUSS Michigan (not provided class)USS Michigan (4.0units 28sec)BB4.02889
Total Allied Ships: 9
Total Battle Units: 47.5

Allied Fleet:
Rick KingScharnhorst (not provided class)Scharnhorst (5.0units 24sec)BC5.024H4
Robert StalnakerDKM Gneisenau (not provided class)DKM Gneisenau (5.0units 24sec)BC5.02469
LouVV (not provided class)VV (6.5units 24sec)BB6.524Any
WDEvansListnow.. Go on.. LIST!!! (not provided class)Listnow.. Go on.. LIST!!! (3.5units 23sec)CA3.52383
Jeff LippSMS Baden (not provided class)SMS Baden (5.5units 28sec)DN5.52866
Marshall BarrashKonig (not provided class)Konig (5.0units 28sec)DN5.02873
Peter KunischAdm. Graf Spee (not provided class)Adm. Graf Spee (3.5units 23sec)CA3.52379
Bob HelgesonKonig (not provided class)Konig (5.0units 28sec)DN5.02887
Ed WainwrightSMS Moltke (not provided class)SMS Moltke (4.0units 26sec)BC4.02664
Steven CraneNagato (not provided class)Nagato (6.0units 24sec)BB6.02486
Lee McKinzieViribus Unitis (not provided class)Viribus Unitis (4.0units 28sec)BB4.02881
Pete kernerHipper (not provided class)Hipper (4.0units 24sec)CA4.02463
Trevor NorellAndrea Doria (not provided class)Andrea Doria (4.5units 26sec)DN4.52667
Tony StephensIJN Nagato (not provided class)IJN Nagato (6.0units 24sec)BB6.02480
Total Axis Ships: 14
Total Battle Units: 67.5

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Additional Notes:
Co2 Ice Drinks provided $5 fee