Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
February Furball
Feb 04 2005 to Feb 06 2005
New Lake on West I-4
(Sanford, Fl)
Allied Fleet:
Frank Falango
USS Arizona
 (Pennsylvania class)
USS Arizona (5.5units 26sec)DN5.52665
Don Cole
 (South Dakota class)
Alabama (6.0units 26sec)BB6.02661
Jim Gariepy
 (South Dakota class)
Massachusetts (6.0units 26sec)BB6.02690
Terry Miller
HMS Lion
HMS Lion (4.5units 24sec)BC4.52486
Charley Stephens
USS North Carolina
 (North Carolina class)
USS North Carolina (6.0units 24sec)BB6.02475
Brian Koehler
HMS Ajax
 (Leander class)
HMS Ajax (2.5units 22sec)CL2.52204
Total Allied Ships: 6
Total Battle Units: 30.5

Allied Fleet:
Rick King
DKM Scharnhorst
DKM Scharnhorst (5.0units 24sec)BC5.024H4
Robert Stalnaker
DKM Tirpitz
 (Bismarck class)
DKM Tirpitz (6.5units 24sec)BB6.52469
Peter Kunisch
DKM Graf Spee
 (Deutschland class)
DKM Graf Spee (3.5units 23sec)CA3.52366
John Craine
Adm. Scheer
 (Deutschland class)
Adm. Scheer (3.5units 23sec)CL3.52382
 (Karlsruhe class)
Leipzig (2.5units 22sec)CL2.522Any
Bata Cvetkovic
Scipione Africano
 (Capitani class)
Scipione Africano (1.5units 22sec)CL1.52268
Total Axis Ships: 6
Total Battle Units: 22.5

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