Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
Southeast Regionals
Oct 15 2010 to Oct 17 2010
Oakboro Pond
(Oakboro, NC)
Allied Fleet:
Brian Koehler
HMS Empress of India
 (Iron Duke class)
HMS Empress of India (5.0units 26sec)DN5.02604
Alyssa Stalnaker
USS North Carolina
USS North Carolina (6.0units 24sec)BB6.0242.4GHz
Tim Krakowski
Atlanta (2.5units 22sec)CL2.5222.4GHz
Adam Krakowski
 (Northampton class)
Augusta (3.0units 23sec)CA3.02376
David Ranier
HMS Benbow
HMS Benbow (5.0units 26sec)DN5.0262.4GHz
Don Cole
HMS Iron Duke
HMS Iron Duke (5.0units 26sec)DN5.0262.4GHz
Ronnie Hunt
HMS Invincible
HMS Invincible (4.0units 26sec)BC4.0262.4GHz
Mike Mangus
HMS Erin
HMS Erin (4.5units 28sec)DN4.528Any
Rick King
USS Maryland
 (Colorado class)
USS Maryland (5.5units 26sec)BB5.5262.4GHz
Marty Hayes
USS North Carolina
USS North Carolina (6.0units 24sec)BB6.0242.4GHz
Combat Mom
North Carolina
North Carolina (6.0units 24sec)BB6.0242.4GHz
Matt Andrews
USS California
 (Tennessee class)
USS California (5.5units 26sec)BB5.5262.4GHz
Samantha Chappell
HMS Warspite
 (Q. Elizabeth class)
HMS Warspite (5.5units 26sec)BB5.5262.4GHz
Pete Demetri
HMS Valiant
 (Q. Elizabeth class)
HMS Valiant (5.5units 26sec)BB5.5262.4GHz
Tom Palmer
USS West Virginia
USS West Virginia (5.5units 26sec)BB5.52666
Steven Morgret
USS South Carolina
USS South Carolina (4.0units 28sec)DN4.0282.4GHz
Total Allied Ships: 16
Total Battle Units: 78.5

Allied Fleet:
Christopher Koehler
SMS Bayern
 (Baden class)
SMS Bayern (5.5units 28sec)BB5.5282.4GHz
Robert Stalnaker
SMS Baden
SMS Baden (5.5units 28sec)DN5.5282.4GHz
Clark Ward
SMS Scharnhorst
SMS Scharnhorst (2.5units 26sec)CAE2.5262.4GHz
Steve Andrews
SMS Von Der Tann
SMS Von Der Tann (4.0units 26sec)BC4.0262.4GHz
Rich Spencer
DKM Tirpitz
 (Bismarck class)
DKM Tirpitz (7.0units 24sec)BB7.0242.4GHz
Neil Hunble
DKM Bismarck
DKM Bismarck (7.0units 24sec)BB7.0242.4GHz
Mike Spencer
DKM Scharnhorst
DKM Scharnhorst (5.0units 24sec)BC5.0242.4GHz
Bill Byrnes
SMS Viribus Unitis
SMS Viribus Unitis (4.0units 28sec)DN4.0282.4GHz
Tom Tanner
SMS Ostfriesland
 (Helgoland class)
SMS Ostfriesland (4.5units 28sec)DN4.5282.4GHz
Rob Arena
DKM Bismarck
DKM Bismarck (7.0units 24sec)BB7.0242.4GHz
Chris Kessler
DKM Bismark
DKM Bismark (7.0units 24sec)BB7.0242.4GHz
Ming the Merciless
IJN Musashi
 (Yamato class)
IJN Musashi (8.0units 24sec)BB8.0242.4GHz
Total Axis Ships: 12
Total Battle Units: 67

Secondary Ships:
Name Ship
Mike Mangus
FN Verite
FN Verite (3.5units 28sec) - AlliedPDN3.52888Allied

Additional Info:
Pictures from the Battle!
Contact Event Host: Rob Stalnaker e-mail: rstalnaker@carolina.rr.com

Additional Notes:
Motel is the Quality Inn in Albemarle NC which is 15 miles away but an exceptionally easy drive. Quality Inn is 59.99 a night for a Double Bed room. Ask for Model Boat club when reserving rooms. It is directly
across the street from Lowes and Walmart and among a bunch of restaurants and right beside a Sonic for those Ice Cream cravings. Quality Inn Phone number is 704 983-6990