Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
Southeast Turkey Shoot
Nov 19 2011 to Nov 20 2011
Sanford Port Authority
(Sanford, FL)
Allied Fleet:
Brian KoehlerHMS Empress of India (Iron Duke class)HMS Empress of India (5.0units 26sec)DN5.02603
Don ColeHMS Iron DukeHMS Iron Duke (5.0units 26sec)DN5.0262.4GHz
Frank FalangoRadetskyRadetsky (3.5units 28sec)PDN3.5282.4GHz
Total Allied Ships: 3
Total Battle Units: 13.5

Allied Fleet:
Christopher KoehlerSMS Bayern (Baden class)SMS Bayern (5.5units 28sec)BB5.5282.4GHz
Clark WardSMS BadenSMS Baden (5.5units 28sec)DN5.52884
Bill ByrnesViribus UnitisViribus Unitis (4.0units 28sec)DN4.0282.4GHz
Rick King (Deutschland class) (3.5units 23sec)CA3.523H4
Total Axis Ships: 4
Total Battle Units: 18.5

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