Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
May MADNESS 2016
May 28 2016 to May 30 2016
Fletcher Memorial Park
(Statesboro, GA)
Allied Fleet:
Brian Koehler
expect to bring QE
 (Q. Elizabeth (B) class)
expect to bring QE (5.5 units 26sec)DN5.5 2604
Don Cole
HMS Iron Duke
 (Iron Duke class)
HMS Iron Duke (5 units 26sec)DN5 262.4GHz
Chase Hargraves
HMS Prince of Wales
 (King George V class)
HMS Prince of Wales (6 units 24sec)BB6 242.4GHz
Clark Ward
HMS Invincible
 (Invincible class)
HMS Invincible (4 units 26sec)BC4 26Any
Charley Stephens
HMS Vanguard
 (Vanguard class)
HMS Vanguard (7 units 24sec)BB7 24Any
Austin Stephens
HMS Vanguard
 (Vanguard class)
HMS Vanguard (7 units 24sec)BB7 24Any
John Jones
USS Fletcher
 (Fletcher class)
USS Fletcher (1 units 21sec)DD1 212.4GHz
Lee McKinzie
 (Mississippi class)
Kilkis (3.5 units 28sec)PDN3.5 282.4GHz
Joshua McKinzie
 (Evstafi class)
Evstafi (3.5 units 28sec)PDN3.5 282.4GHz
Joel Goodman
USS Indiana
 (South Dakota class)
USS Indiana (6 units 26sec)BB6 262.4GHz
Phil Pace
The Sullivans
 (Fletcher class)
The Sullivans (1 units 21sec)DD1 212.4GHz
Total Allied Ships: 11
Total Battle Units: 49.5

Axis Fleet:
frank falango
sms scharnhorst
 (Scharnhorst class)
sms scharnhorst (3 units 26sec)CAE3 26Any
Christopher Koehler
SMS Bayern
 (Baden class)
SMS Bayern (5.5 units 28sec)DN5.5 282.4GHz
David Ranier
 (Mogami (B) class)
Kumano (3.5 units 23sec)CA3.5 232.4GHz
Caleb Sires
 (Kongo class)
Kongo (4.5 units 24sec)BC4.5 242.4GHz
Rick King
Adm_ Scheer
 (Deutschland class)
Adm_ Scheer (3.5 units 23sec)CA3.5 2377
Tom Tanner
SMS Ostfriesland
 (Helgoland class)
SMS Ostfriesland (4.5 units 28sec)DN4.5 282.4GHz
Steve Tyng
 (Mogador class)
Mogador (1.5 units 21sec)DD1.5 2189
Total Axis Ships: 7
Total Battle Units: 26

Secondary Ships:
Name Ship
Chase Hargraves
USS Gearing
 (Gearing class)
USS Gearing (1.5 units 21sec) - AlliedDD1.5 212.4GHzAllied
frank falango
I-400 sub  (Sub (warship) class)
I-400 sub (1 units 28sec) - AxisSUB1 2868Axis
Caleb Sires
Yamato  (Yamato class)
Yamato (8 units 24sec) - AxisBB8 242.4GHzAxis

Additional Info:
Pictures from the Battle!
Battle Report!
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Contact Event Host: Brian Koehler e-mail: bkoehler@georgiasouthern.edu

Additional Notes:
THREE DAYS. Drinks and CO2 will be provided. Money to help with expenses collected pond side. Hotel information in Link to Additional Information - just say you are with Model Boat Group