Southeast Attack Squadron (SAS)
a Radio-Controlled Model Warship Combat Club
CUTTING OUT RIBS Many new captains building their first ship from scratch are uncertain how many ribs they can cut (or leave, if trimming out windows in a pre-formed fiberglass hull). Most all of the 1:144 scale model warship combat rules, having a common ancestry of IRCWCC, have the same rule that 15% of the length must be penetrable. Most allow up to 2" of solid area in the bow and 1" solid area in the stern. To use the tool below, simply select the classname of the desired ship and the rib width planned (most captains seem to prefer 1/4" ribs so that is the default). Then click the button and it should display the number of ribs allowed along the length of that hull.
SAS Rib Calculator Program
(based on 1:144 scale ship models and 15% penetrable area)

Calculations for a
Abdiel-class warship (ship length = 418 ft)
scale length:34.833 inches
15% pentrable (solid) area:5.225 inches
solid bow area:-2.000 inches
stern solid area:-1.000 inches

2.225 inches
divided by 0.250 inch ribs = 8 ribs allowed
(one rib may be 3/8in wide, or one additional 1/8in rib)

Select a Ship:
bow solid area: inches
stern solid area: inches
rib width: inches