Labor Day Leadfest 2017
Sep 02 to 04, 2017
future Fred Fletcher Park
(Statesboro, GA)
HMS Queen Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth class)HMS Queen Elizabeth (5.5 units 26 sec)DN5.5264
USS O_Bannon (Fletcher class)USS O_Bannon (1.0 units 21 sec)DD1.021Any
USS Maryland (Colorado class)USS Maryland (5.5 units 26 sec)DN5.5262.4GHz
HMS Prince of Wales (King George V class)HMS Prince of Wales (6.0 units 24 sec)BB6.0242.4GHz
HMS Barham (Queen Elizabeth class)HMS Barham (5.5 units 26 sec)DN5.52668
USS Fletcher (Fletcher class)USS Fletcher (1.0 units 21 sec)DD1.0212.4GHz
Allied Fleet: 6 ships, 24.5 units

SMS Bayern (Bayern class)SMS Bayern (5.5 units 28 sec)DN5.5282.4GHz
VU (Viribus Unitis class)VU (4.0 units 28 sec)DN4.0282.4GHz
Verite (Verite class)Verite (3.5 units 28 sec)PDN3.52888
DKM Scharnhorst (Scharnhorst class)DKM Scharnhorst (5.5 units 24 sec)BB5.5242.4GHz
Axis Fleet: 4 ships, 18.5 units

Additional Notes:
This will be a 3 day battle from Saturday through Monday, with CO2 and lunches provided lakeside. First battle will begin around 9:30am each day. Expect to play at least two major battles each day, with potential destroyer battles in-between while the large ships patch, if the usual _tin can_ captains attend and bring their ships. The lake entrance is actually across from the address linked in the info, and the gate will be open Friday evening for any captains wishing to speed test or otherwise check ships prior to battle.
Hotel is the Quality Inn Statesboro, with $55_night block reservation under name Brian Koehler. Call 912-489-3995

Contact event host: Brian Koehler E-mail (9126012509)

Online Map/Directions:
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