Brouhaha 2023
Mar 10 to 13, 2023
Wades Pond
(Boutte, LA)
HMS Jamaica (Fiji class)HMS Jamaica (2.5 units 22 sec)CL2.5222.4GHz
Allied Fleet: 1 ships, 2.5 units

Axis Fleet: 0 ships, 0 units

USS Gearing (Gearing class)USS Gearing (1.5 units 21 sec)DD1.5212.4GHz

Additional Notes:
We will have formal battling Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and will start at approximately 9AM each day. We will do at least 2 battles on Friday (optional pick ups) Saturday and Sunday and one on Monday for pickup battles. When you arrive please unload at the back of the house and then park near it in such a way that other cars can get to the back to un-pack.

The hotel is:
Cypress Inn
12275 Highway 90
Luling, LA 70070
Ask for the Model Warship Group rates ($92 per night)
(Email Rakesh at rakeshnandol1974@gmail.com)

This year will be pay at the pond.

All participants should be members of the IRCWCC and have insurance through NAMBA. Please visit www.namba.com and join if you have not already done so. If you have yet to register with IRCWCC please visit IRCWCC Membership Page to sign up. Please bring your NAMBA ID card as proof of insurance to the pond. Remember if you don't sign up with NAMBA you will NOT be covered in the event of an accident and will not be allowed to participate.

Link to Additional Information: Click Here
Contact event host: Ted Buehring E-mail
Online Map/Directions: