February Fracas 2024
Feb 16 to 18, 2024
Fred Fletcher Park
(Statesboro, GA)
HMS Queen Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth class)HMS Queen Elizabeth (5.5 units 26 sec)DN5.5262.4GHz
HMS iBoat (Invincible class)HMS iBoat (4.0 units 26 sec)BC4.0262.4GHz
HMS Jamaica (Fiji class)HMS Jamaica (2.5 units 22 sec)CL2.5222.4GHz
FRN Jean Bart (Jean Bart class)FRN Jean Bart (6.5 units 24 sec)BB6.5242.4GHz
HMS Malaya (Queen Elizabeth class)HMS Malaya (5.5 units 26 sec)DN5.5262.4GHz
HMS Inflexible (Invincible class)HMS Inflexible (4.0 units 26 sec)BC4.0262.4GHz
USS Arkansas (Arkansas class)USS Arkansas (5.0 units 28 sec)DN5.0282.4GHz
USS Alabama (South Dakota class)USS Alabama (6.0 units 26 sec)BB6.0262.4GHz
HMS Invincible (Invincible class)HMS Invincible (4.0 units 26 sec)BC4.0262.4GHz
HMS Fiji (Fiji class)HMS Fiji (2.5 units 22 sec)CL2.5222.4GHz
USS Washington (North Carolina class)USS Washington (6.0 units 24 sec)BB6.0242.4GHz
Allied Fleet: 11 ships, 51.5 units

SMS Von Der Tann (Von Der Tann class)SMS Von Der Tann (4.0 units 26 sec)BC4.0262.4GHz
ARA Moreno (Rivadavia class)ARA Moreno (5.5 units 28 sec)DN5.5282.4GHz
IJN Kumano (Suzuya class)IJN Kumano (3.0 units 22 sec)CL3.0222.4GHz
SMS Baden (Bayern class)SMS Baden (5.5 units 28 sec)DN5.5282.4GHz
Courbet (Courbet class)Courbet (4.5 units 28 sec)DN4.5282.4GHz
Axis Fleet: 5 ships, 22.5 units

Lil Scharnie (Scharnhorst class)Lil Scharnie (3.0 units 26 sec)CAE3.0262.4GHz
USS Wilmington (Cleveland class)USS Wilmington (3.0 units 22 sec)CL3.0222.4GHz
USS Gearing (Gearing class)USS Gearing (1.5 units 21 sec)DD1.5212.4GHz
USS New Jersey_BB_16_ (Connecticut class)USS New Jersey_BB_16_ (3.5 units 28 sec)PDN3.5282.4GHz
USS Salem (Des Moines class)USS Salem (3.5 units 23 sec)CA3.5232.4GHz
Suffren (Suffern class)Suffren (3.0 units 23 sec)CA3.0232.4GHz

Additional Notes:
Three day battle Friday to Sunday CO2 and lunches will be provided. Our captaincousins from the frozen north are all encouraged to sail down to our warm southern seas to kickoff the battle season. Expect to open the pond gates by 8am each morning. Donations accepted to help defray the cost of CO2 and food. bRemember to renew your NAMBA membership and IRCWCC if it has expiredb.brbrbHotel InformationbbriTrying out the hotel for NATS. Opposite end of town but since nothing in Statesboro is more than 10 min from anywhere else it is still close. It has a Locos Deli Pub next to it and Waffle House is still on the way to the pond from itibra hrefhttpswww.choicehotels.comgeorgiastatesborocomfortinnhotelsga380mcllgoxxpx target_newComfort Inn Suites Statesboro University Areaabr17870 GA67 Statesboro GA 30458brPhone 912 6812400br
Contact event host: Brian Koehler E-mail
Online Map/Directions: